Welcome to The Creative Lab!

I’ve been a professional photographer for about 14 years. When I first learned photography, I printed my photos in the darkroom. I loved creating what I believe to be the second most important half of photography: prints. When digital photography came around, I was at first resistant as I loved the slow and deliberate process of shooting on film and printing in a darkroom. Once I made the switch, I quickly realized that editing images on a computer is nearly as satisfying as the analog method but with an infinite possibilities. I now edit in Adobe Lightroom. I love getting into the flow of creating various moods with presets. As I’ve developed my own voice in editing styles, I began to save the presets I was creating.

And now I want to share those with you. I’ve had many photographers ask me about my editing style and to mentor them through my process.

The Loft Collection and The Downtown Collection are available now on my website. Please follow along as I’ll be sharing tips, free downloads and more with you.

I believe in the power of community and collaboration as that is how we build each other up to our fullest potential. Through our community, I’ll be honoring and sharing the photos you’ve created with these new presets.

I am so excited to share all of this with you!

xo Suzanne